Don’t Get Caught in the Flames

Flaming Blue: River Daniels, once free spirited and carefree enjoyed life and lived for fun. However changed of events has caused her to do a complete turn around. She now lives the life as a very structured and much disciplined college professor teaching at two colleges. She is also a best selling author. These changes has allowed her to be very, very successful. As a matter fact, she is so successful that she is the sole investor in her uncle’s Reuben’s million dollar night club.  But when Reuben hires Dana Wilson, an old friend of River’s, to build that night club life begins to shake; shaking River’s structured and discipline life. This blast from the past forces River to literally be face to face with unresolved issues to just from Dana, but from the past itself.  Will this reunion force River to deal with those unresolved issues, or will she get caught in the flames?

Unlike the inspirations the led me to write A Period of Time,  Flaming Blue is a book that I wrote blindly. I had no idea to where this story was taking me. What I do know is that as a writer River needed to break and be built again.  Flaming Blue deals with depression. A lot of people don’t know that they’re depressed. We can be thrown curve balls in life that knocks us down, and just because we get up and keep moving living our lives like normal people, we may not realize that those curve balls and those knock down, may have left permanent damage forcing us to be in a state of depression. The depression state that River is in forced a wall to be build around her, until life and more curve balls forces us to break and sometimes get burned.

Writing Flaming Blue some what therapeutic. As a writer, I did draw on some of my own life experiences.  Understanding the forces that created River’s wall, I understood the forces that created my wall and as I wrote this book, I decided that I don’t want to be caught in the flames





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