A Period of Time

A Period of Time was created in the break room at Staples Office Supplies, in New Kensington, PA. It was the summer of 2002, in the middle of July. My day of work and I was on my half hour break. I grabbed a piece of paper and begin to write about this shy girl who was meeting this Hollywood Ladies Man, at a premier party.  I wrote this book before paparzzi became an ugly word. I was inspired by the movie Rocky, which by the way is my favorite movie and the word emerald, from The Wizard of Oz’s  Emerald City. Also, at the time, my then stepdaughter, Alexis whom we call Lexi, when she first saw the The Wizard of Oz when Dorothy and her friends got to Emerald City, her eyes were wide as quarters and she didn’t blink. Also, emerald is her birthstone. Is the character Emerald Dixon inspired by Lexi, no. I just wanted emerald in my book some where, so I named the shies girl in the world Emerald. I wanted my male’s name to be something kingly, I didn’t want a James, William, or Andrew so I went with Richard.  As I wrote this book Richard and Emerald have put me through an emotional roller coaster. As a writer, it was difficult to write what I, the person thinks should happen. Basically, I became a recorder of my thoughts, and allowed these two characters to manifest and let me invade their privacy and write their story. I learned about myself as I wrote this book. It was this book that gave birth to E. Davis.


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