I am E. Davis

Hello, my name is E. Davis. I’m a writer. I was born to write. I was sitting in my bedroom on a Friday evening in 1984 watching an episode of the Jeffersons.  Florence told George and Weeze, maybe Tom and Helen that she was going to write a book. I knew at that moment, that I wanted to be a writer. I told my parents. From that moment on, I don’t remember NOT being without a pen or pad, writing stories. Writing got me in trouble in school. I didn’t do my homework, I didn’t pay attention. My mind was in the clouds, day dreaming, writing. Any change I got, I wrote a story or an outline of a story. I wrote on napkins. I had to write. I didn’t know if I should write novels or screen plays. I looked up to anyone that wrote. Spike Lee, being one of my favorites. My favorite writer is Toni Morrison, but the day I read the Great Gatsby and The Catcher in the Rye, I literally fell in love with the art of writing. The imagination of both writers the audacity they had to put something so daring moved me to tears. I don’t set out to write a great American novel. I just want to tell a story.



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